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Jun 19

popular b&w


this is what i meant to add! 

making b&w popular again… was it ever popular? or was it all we had? I think it


Apr 29

Some Came Running: Film restoration in the digital domain: A chat with James White -

A little FYI… preserve film please.

10 Black And White Films For People Who Don’t Watch Black And White Movies -

…. if we could pick out a few ORWO films.. this would be nice.

Nov 28

bela tarr only uses ORWO film

Nov 26

some info and links to ORWO flicks…

Here are just a few films in the ever-growing list that used ORWO film stock to shoot. Take note of the low-key black and white visual style in ‘The Man from London’. With the use of ORWO black and white film, the audience can feel both the growing intensity and the hidden eroticism through the shadows created with the use of black and white. This style of film is reminiscent of German Expressionist Cinematography that is nearly impossible to capture using any other kind of film stock. ‘The Temptation of St. Tony’, shot on 35 mm ORWO Black and White film, uses surrealism to tell the story of a man struggling with the purpose of life. ‘The Dream and the Silence’ received astounding reviews at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. This film is shot entirely in black and white with only two hints of color for effect. 

2012 - 'The Dream and the Silence' (post-production) 
2009-  The Temptation of St. Tony 
2007 - The Man From London

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Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England